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Pasta Alley - 5310 E. William Street Road - Decatur, Illinois 62521
217.422.6361 or Fax 217.422.6365
Online ordering available 24/7!
Pasta Alley is a small business which employs adults with developmental disabilities in Decatur, IL. Our original business focuses on serving the developmentally disabled population both residentially and vocationally. Purchasing Pasta Alley has allowed us to incorporate our mission of providing meaningful work opportunities for our clients, allowing them to participate and take pride in producing a delicious product. As many as 25 individuals currently help with the production process including the mixing, packaging, and labeling of our unique and flavorful pastas, soups, breads, and sauces.
We carry 20 flavors of fettuccine and linguine: garlic and herb, sun-dried tomato basil, habanero, spinach, lemon pepper, sweet basil champagne, and many more. We carry five flavors of angel hair, four flavors of whole wheat, seven flavors of gluten­free, ten different sauce flavors, 15 different soups and breads, and eight different dipping oils.
Our company continues to employ more and more individuals as we grow from year to year. Many customers are repeat buyers. Once you try our pasta, soups, breads or sauces you are sure to feel as satisfied as our special clients are while they are preparing them for you.